Marine Locksmith Services

Alpha Lock and Key is your premier marine locksmith vendor in South Florida.  We provide the following marine locksmith services:

Waterproof Safes

Marine Grade Door Harwdware

Corrosion Resistant Hardware

Onboard secure storage solutions

Alpha Lock and Key works on vessels of all sizes but that’s not all we do!

We have access to and experience installing high-end dock and deck hardware.


Dock Access Control

Dock Security Monitoring


In places like South Florida, boating is a lifestyle

Alpha Lock and Key offers specialized marine locksmith services in the South Florida area. We are proud to have had the opportunity to help a plethora of local marinas and boat owners keep their boats in great condition. Unfortunately, salt water can also cause damage to boats and over time, ignition, compartments and doors may stop functioning properly or break due to corrosive damage.

We have experience working on traditional fishing boats all the way up to world-renowned mega yachts. There is no job too big or to small for our highly skilled technicians.

Alpha Lock and Key will advise you of the different marine hardware options you have. We will explain the differences in quality and brand, dependent on your specific marine needs and then obtain and install the hardware.

We encourage our clients to be wary of poorly trained locksmiths who will likely use cheap equipment, which could in turn cause damage to your property. Alpha Lock and Key locksmiths are cross trained in all areas of security, making the hiring and buying process as smooth and efficient as possible. We are knowledgeable in our field and know that every customer has different needs.