Do you love abstract art?  Do you love physical security?

What if we told you Alpha Lock and Key was partnering with an artist to put the two together?

Yes, that’s right.  We are disrupting the locksmith space and taking customized security to a whole new level!

Alpha Lock and Key is proud to announce our recent team up with the ultra talented artist, Haza, on our line of custom painted safes.

Here is a brief bio on Haza:

“Haza is a reflection of a portion of my teens and adult life. At 25 years old I found purpose in sharing one of my greatest flaws, greed. I think it started as a young boy growing up in New York City. My mentors weren’t the best business mentors. They knew how to make fast money but didn’t know how to spend it or value. Not saying its their fault I became a greedy pig but my value system became a chase for riches with no vision. I mean I saw the dollar sign clearly, just didn’t understand its purpose, except eat. 

Looking deeper into self and money I was able to find this talent and passion for painting which i never had. Exploring mediums and my deep thoughts I came up with this iconic character called Haza. Haza is a term we Jews use for a greedy person. This connection drove me to reflect this thought and haven’t stopped since reflecting.”

Let your imagination go wild.  If you can dream it, Haza can paint it.

Alpha Lock and Key offers a wide variety of safes in all sizes, depending on your needs.  You can learn more on our safe services here.

A portion of Alpha Lock and Key’s custom painted safe proceeds are set to go to children’s art charities.

Check out Haza on Instagram and website.

Interested in purchasing one of our custom painted safes or a one-off custom designed safe for your valuables, guns or other items? Contact Alpha Lock and Key via phone at 954-803-6332 or by dialing **LOCKPRO on your phone. You can email us at


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