Home Automation – How Technology has Changed Your Home and Office’s Physical Security in the 21st Century

Think back to when you were a child. What did physical security on your home look like? What did physical security on your office look like?

When we think of physical security on a home or office, we would typically think standard lock and key. Yes, some were prettier than others and some were higher quality depending on materials but could you ever have imaged what the world of physical security would have turned into in the 21st century?

Think Jetsons meets Flinstones and stick home/office automation somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

I can’t help but think of how amazed I was when the Disney movie “Smart House” came out in 1999. Little did the world know that those technologies were at our fingertips.

‘Home automation’ allows you to keep tabs on your property at all times, from anywhere in the world, using remote monitoring.

The options are limitless really. Check your home’s security cameras or alarm straight from your smart phone device. Raise or lower the air while you are snuggled in your bed, all with the touch of a button on your phone. You can set the ambiance in your house by dimming the lights with little to no effort at all – you don’t even have to move off of that warm spot on the couch! If you’re like me, you double guess yourself sometimes when you leave the house and can’t remember if your garage door was shut. Don’t fret – your smart phone will tell you if you didn’t close it. Did you know there are even ‘smart’ smoke detectors that can be monitored by your smart phone? Last but definitely not least, you can now unlock and lock your home or office remotely as well.

If you watch the hit TV show Shark Tank regularly, I am sure you may recall the deal for Unikey, technology which allows you to lock and unlock from your smart phone device without actually touching the phone to open any sort of app. It also comes with a key fob as backup. The cool part about this technology is that you can set temporary access to people outside of the home. For instance, if you need your neighbor to dog sit your precious pooch for 2 days, you can set the key to allow access during a 2 hour time frame where their phone will allow them entry into your home. The access is removed when the time frame is up. If you read more into it, the deal actually fell through after Kevin Oleary and Mark Cuban invested $500,000 due to some SEC filings. Unikey ultimately partnered with Kwikset, one of the world’s largest leaders in locks.

Of course, as with anything else, there are pros and cons to automation but the convenience of monitoring your home and office remotely trumps most of those cons. Did you know that homeowners using home security automation can save roughly 20% on their home owners insurance?

Here is what you can expect from the home automation emerging sector, according to iwatchlife:

  1. Sales of smart home devices doubled from 2012-2013 (around 17 million wireless home devices sold)
  2. The US home automation market will exceed 5.5 billion dollars by 2016 (with year over year growth of 10% from 2011 to 2016).
  3. More than half a billion smart home devices will be installed by the year 2017.


Are you already part of this smart home and office movement?

If not, explore your smart home and smart office automation options with Alpha Lock and Key, your South Florida locksmith. Our licensed, bonded and insured technicians are available to present options on how to correctly secure your home and office. You can contact us via phone at 954-803-6332 or by dialing **LOCKPRO on your phone. You can email us at info@thealphalockandkey.com.

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